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Editor’s pickUnleashing the possibilities of plywood

plywood, Sweden, digital tools, fabrication

Plywood has many times before been used for temporary structures in architecture, mainly because of the relatively low cost and availability. Plywood is often seen as a perfectly flat sheet material, free from otherwise common properties of timber such as imperfections and grain direction. However, the material is versatile—something rarely …

ACIMALL: 2Q/2016 orders up 21.2%

Acimall, woodworking, tools, 2Q/2016

Industry orders went up 21.2% in 2Q/2016, according to Acimall, the Italian woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers’ association. The upward trend is driven by export sales where orders went up by 17.2%. Domestic demand is also positive (+30.4%) although the industry is still recovering from poor sales during the economic …

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