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The Philippines’ wood industry can become leading wood supplier with more investments in tree plantations

The Philippines, wood industry, investment, Philippine Wood Producers Association, PFPA, Philippine Wood Expo 2019, Pasay City

The Philippines could be a leading supplier of wood if the industry were opened up to investment in tree farming as an alternative to cutting down standing forests, the Philippine Wood Producers Association (PWPA) said. “One million hectares can produce something like 300 million cubic metres of wood, so we can be a global superpower in …

Weyerhaeuser announced sale of Michigan timberlands

Weyerhaeser Company, private owner, timber, timberland, Michigan, America, U.S., Lyme Timber Company, hardwood, softwood,

Weyerhaeuser Company, one of the largest private owners of timberlands in the world has announced last month the sale of over half a million acres in the state of Michigan, including land in Ontonagon County, reported Daily Global, a daily in Michigan. The company said that it was selling its 555,000 acres in Michigan to Lyme Great Lakes Holding …

Segezha Group expands plywood product range

Segezha Group, large plywood, Segezha Creative, Segezha Art, Segezha Clearply, Segezha Plyform, Segezha Anthracite

Segezha Group of Forestry Companies (part of Sistema JSFC) continues to expand the assortment of large-format birch plywood. The new products in the plywood segment include: Segezha Creative (laminated plywood with colour films), Segezha Art (painting-ready plywood that does not need priming), Segezha ClearPly (plywood with transparent and …

Malaysian Wood Expo 2019 inaugural edition: Take your business to the next level

Malaysian Wood Expo, machinery, Malaysia, ASEAN, Panels & Furniture Group of wood magazines woodworking, wood processing

Uniting the latest timber innovation, knowledge and technologies, the Malaysian Wood Expo (MWE) 2019 will bring together industry shapers, technology experts and key decision makers representing the wood industry. The show is jointly organised by the Malaysian Timber Council and Panels & Furniture Group of wood magazines, two of the …

EPF calls for a suspension of new VOC requirements for panels in Germany

European Wood-based Panel Federation, European Union, VOC requirement, Germany

The Single Market is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest achievements of the European Union. It unites 28 countries and 500 million citizens, allowing goods to flow seamlessly within the territory. Common rules have allowed consumers to benefit greatly from scale, especially in the field of construction products. It is therefore with great …

Compression routers in woodworking offer a superior cut – reducing waste and improve cutting finish

Compression router, ANCA, wood chips, cutting finish, digitising routines, ToolRoom Software

Designed to compresses the wood chips towards the centre of the tool, compression routers: Reduce chipping Can be used to cut many sheets of board at the same time Or cut multiple profiles from one sheet Simon Richardson ANCA Product Manager gives some insight into the use and applications for solid carbide Compression Routers (also known …

China-Russia timber processing centre established

Russia, China, wood processing centre

A China-Russia timber processing and trading centre was recently established in Suifenhe City, Heilongjiang Province. The centre occupies an area of 380,000 square metres and cost around RMB600 million, reported ITTO. The aim is for the Centre to be an industrial cluster for the itmber industry and become a timber distribution centre bringing …

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