Wood for the Trees: The future of Britain’s forests

Vastern Timber,Wood for the Trees,future of British woodlands

Tom Barnes, Managing Director of Vastern Timber, kicked off 2020 with new video series Wood for the Trees discussing the future of British woodlands – at a time when afforestation has never been more urgent, yet our woodlands remain at risk from climate change, disease and poor management, reported TRADA.

Tom Barnes, Managing Director of Vastern Timber

Of the project, he shared: ‘Last year ended with me freezing in a woodland, discussing the climate crisis and the benefits of timber as a sustainable building material, with an eco-activist filmmaking team. An odd thing for an owner of a timber company to be doing maybe, but I sense that next year will be critical for the future of our woodlands and the industries that work with them. 2020 could be a golden opportunity to capture the public and political will to plant more woodland, and I believe making more of our homegrown timber is key to a lower carbon future.’

Tom, who has over twenty years’ experience in the timber trade and is passionate about increasing the use of British wood in the built environment, hopes to capture the public and political will to plant more woodland.

Wood for the Trees will see one film produced a month throughout 2020, with each installation highlighting a different topic linked to woodlands, land use and wood in the built environment.

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