Panels & Furniture Asia Nov/Dec 2019

November / December 2019 • Issue 6 • PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA 34 PANELS MANUFACTURING By Szeto Hiu Yan MEET THE TEAM BEHIND SCM’S SOFTWARE AND DIGITAL SERVICES T he woodworking industry may be undergoing an inevitable digital transformation, but it is a game that is still in its early stages. Many companies are still exploring the many possibilities of digitalisation. “But this is also an exciting stage to be at,” said Manuela Andreani, SCM software product manager, whose team takes care of Software and Digital Services. Howdo Andreani and her teamassess and decide on their customers’ digital needs? “Our digital services are customer- centric, each product development always starts from the customers. We nourish customer relationships by listening to their needs. We visit them, talk to them, watch and listen to them to truly understanding what they need. We believe this is the only rewarding approach. For example, we learnt what type of information they needed to improve performances, or experienced the importance of integrating data coming from the machines and transmitted to external, different software to turn them into useful information of value”, explained Andreani. "Eventually, all these inputs from our customers become our products’ specifications. This is how we develop our digital services based on IoT technology: turning data into useful and relevant information,” she said. “We gave up talking about IoT as this is not about the technology itself. It is about what the technology enables, that is value-added services. Today we offer our customers a fast growing portfolio of digital services, aiming either to keep their machine in good health or to improve the performance and productivity of the machine. Isn’t this gorgeous? ” Andreani said with a smile. SCM’S DIGITAL INNOVATIONS SCM’s Maestro Digital Systems is made up of two main product groups — Software and Digital Services. Manuela Adreani, SCM software product manager (Image is credited to SCM)