Panels & Furniture Asia Sep/Oct 2019

46 IN PERSON September / October 2019 • Issue 5 • PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA GOLDINJAYA: THE ENGINEERS OF MALAYSIA’S WOODWORKING MACHINERY INDUSTRY By Szeto Hiu Yan Ng Jui Keng (right), executive director of Goldinjaya. Standing beside him is Sin Wi Sern, assistant manager who is also Ng’s nephew Nested in the sleepy town of Muar, Malaysia, Goldinjaya Engineering Trading & Services has come a long way since its founding in 1979. Standing strong through its 40 years of history, Goldinjaya continues to be one of the country’s leading woodworking machinery manufacturing companies, and one of the oldest. PFA recently paid a visit to its factory and office in Muar and spoke to Ng Jui Keng, executive director and one of the four founders of Goldinjaya. I t is rare to find woodworking machinery manufacturers in Malaysia like Goldinjaya, that offers a wide range of woodworking machines, not least manufactured in their own local factory. It is also rare to findwoodworkingmachinerymanufacturers in Malaysia that are still devoting a big team for production and servicing. Goldinjaya currently has 60 to 70 employees that are allocated to four main teams: servicing and training, production, project (installation) and marketing. For Ng, the family business is truly the result of decades of grit, hard work and a lifetime of dedication. “We started the company with only our bare hands. I started working as a repairman when I was 16. When I was 21, in 1979, I started the company with my uncle and two other friends. We are still partners after all these years and our children are working in the company too.”