First All- Timber Neighbourhood to be designed in Copenhagen

Fælledby,Denmark,Copenhagen,first,all-timber neighbourhood,mini-villages,Henning Larsen,architect

Denmark-based practice Henning Larsen has been picked to design the city’s first all-timber neighbourhood. Named Fælledby, the new community will resemble a rural village that will feature three “mini-villages” connected by green spaces for local wildlife, such as turtles, songbirds, and deer.

An impression of the Fælledby (Image credit: Henning Larsen)

“Like the traditional rural villages, the Fælledby master plan stands for itself within an open, natural landscape,” said Henning Larsen partner Signe Kongebro in a press release. “This gives an opportunity to create an entirely unique setting and one that is especially sensitive to sustainable and natural priorities. We see a potential to build a new city that speaks to the sustainable sensibilities of the younger generations, to create a home for people seeking solution on how to live in better harmony with nature. For us, Fælledby is a proof of concept that this can indeed be done.”

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