Anthon: Throughfeed Saw Line PVL/PVQ

Panel Line Systems and Solutions

With the throughfeed saw line, PVL/PVQ, most panels like particle board, MDF, plywood, honeycomb panels, cement boards and fiberboards can be cut-to-size

The throughfeed saw line PVL/PVQ can cut-to-size most panels such as particleboard, MDF, plywood, honeycomb panels, cement boards and fibre board. By using main and scoring saws, most different board coatings can be processed. The lateral adjustment of saw and hogger units is completely automatic over servo drive and rack and pinion. By using hoggers at the external units, a separate waste disposal system is not required.

In the PVL/PVQ, precision measuring tooth racks are used; the position detection is realised via an encoder, which is installed directly at the servo motor. The automatic adjustment of the saw units to the cut position is effected over the input cut plans. The units are raised by means of electric cylinders and motor spindle. Depending on the panel gauge the optimum cut height and the correct saw blade projection can be realised.

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