ColourBrain® Furniture 4.0 – Technologically Leading in Furniture Inspection

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

The inspection system ColourBrain® Furniture 4.0 is the technology leader for double-sided inspection of foil-coated, melamine-coated and lacquered furniture panels. The outcome are impressive inspection results: Surface defects such as bubbles, dents, fine scratches or shiny spots can be detected, even in their smallest size; be it diagonally or transversely to the feed direction. An optional drill hole control also checks the integrity of the drilling holes and profile deviations of grooves. In addition, the slim design only requires a small space in the feed direction. The system availability is maximized due to the ease of maintenance. The ColourBrain® Furniture 4.0 system can be used both in series production and in batch-1 production for defect detection and process optimization, while the ColourBrain® Edge inspection system complements and expands surface inspection in an ideal way. The modular design also allows Baumer to react flexibly to customer’s requirements. In the most advanced stage, the new illumination in combination with the first-class multiReflex® inspection module provide outstanding results in defect detection.

The ColourBrain® ReworkStation is the cornerstone of an efficient Batch-1 manufacturing. After scanning, all inspected components are provided with a barcode and the underlying defect logs are stored in the Q- Live® database. Defective components are ejected at a defined location by means of I/O signals and the defects are interrogated using the barcode. The quality responsible is now directly shown on the user interfacethe defect type and the position. A quick assessment of whether reworking is possible or must be directly re-produced can be done A merger of several production lines in a rework station is possible here. The advantages are obvious: The direct and immediate intervention in the production allows for rapid and efficient reduction of residues while accelerating your  Supply Chain.

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