Electronic Wood Systems: Quality Control Systems and a new Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

Panel Line Systems and Solutions

The new generation of Spark Detection and Extinguishing System works with 30% less water by keeping its high efficiency using a newly designed spring loaded nozzle (patent pending) and requires 50% less cabling for installation. The system is approved by Factory Mutual. In addition the company displayed a new Blow Detection System on the booth. An attached Air Knife device produces an airstream below the panel which stabilises the ultrasonic signal through the hot panel. This results in a much more effective analysis of panel property changes and early warning functions.

“These new features are already proven and successfully in operation in wood panel plants”, said Hauke Kleinschmidt and Matthias Fuchs, general managers of Electronic Wood Systems, Germany. Another highlight was a new area-weight gauge ‘Mass-Scan X Multi Energy’ which utilises X-ray technology. It uses a unique detector and a selection of filters to evaluate the weight-per-unit-area especially in production lines for thin panels. The system is for location on the mat before the hot press. Although the new continuous and non-contact panel scale ‘Conti-Scale X’, based on X-ray technology, has been on the market since LIGNA 2013, it attracted many LIGNA visitors this year again. This system will be located after the hot press. It not only evaluates the scale weight, but also the area-weight distribution of the finished panel. Only a space of 300mm [1 ft] in the conveyor is required for installation.

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