Panel Line Systems and Solutions


GreCon FIBERVIEW allows an economical and objective assessment of the fibre quality in the running process. The measured values supplied by FIBERVIEW enable the operator of the refiner to produce a consistent fibre quality. A saving potential of up to 10 kW/h per tonne of wood that is refined can be calculated.

Being able to manipulate the fibre sizes in a determined and reliable way, MDF manufacturers are now able to produce specific fibre qualities. Customer requirements can be specified in such a way that an allowed number of shives per class per m² can be determined. In case of complaints, data is available on whether the fibre quality was sufficient or not.

The next step is the regulation of the refiner via an automatic control loop; reaction times are reduced, and further cost saving potentials can be realised.

FIBERVIEW is based on an imaging method. The surface of the passing fibre mat is continuously inspected by a line-scan camera with vertical illumination over a width of about 400mm.

The basic construction of the measuring system is a solid frame construction. The visual field of the camera is protected from dirt and dust by a closed tube. The system is equipped with an automatic height adjustment so that the camera and illumination unit automatically adjust to changes in the mat height depending on the mat moisture and upon product changes. Thus, the inspected surface is always in focus and clear pictures can be taken. The illumination of the system is automatically regulated to compensate influences by colour from different cooking conditions or wood types.

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