GreCon: Following the Racing Line with the GreCon FORMATOR

Panel Line Systems and Solutions

GreCon FORMATOR: To reduce material fluctuations in forming to a minimum

A constant material distribution in the mat is one of the most important pre-conditions for a consistent quality in MDF productions. The GreCon FORMATOR automatically reduces material fluctuations to a minimum in MDF panels, as well as within the individual panel via an automatic control process.

This control process is based on the detection of material fluctuations before the press. The measured data is automatically fed back to the upstream forming tool, the segmented scalper in this case. The segmented scalper immediately regulates the material distribution by specific control of the individual segments. Local fluctuations can be eliminated and a given nominal profile kept constant by lifting and lowering the appropriate segments.

The FORMATOR is a combination of GreCon DIEFFENSOR and segmented scalper, two systems that are successfully established on the market. The GreCon DIEFFENSOR detects the material fluctuations across the entire mat width before the press. With a resolution of 2.5 mm² per measuring point, 400,000 values are recorded per square metre. Thus, not only material fluctuations are revealed, but also metallic and non-metallic foreign objects detected. The steel belt of the press is protected and its life prolonged by diverting the foreign objects out of the process.

The segmented scalper is a system to optimise the lateral distribution in the forming line. The scalper keeps the preset nominal values by segmented scalping of the formed fibre mat. The removed material is returned to the fibre bin via the extraction system. The width of the measuring sections of the GreCon DIEFFENSOR is exactly adapted to the width of the individual scalper segments. The cutting depth of the individual segments is automatically regulated by the measured values of the DIEFFENSOR. By the combination of GreCon DIEFFENSOR and segmented scalper, synergetic effects in the area of quality optimsation and cost saving can be immediately realised.

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