Leadermac: uPower 623 4-Side Moulder

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

The uPower 623 4-Side Moulder creates a superior surface finish that eliminates the need for sanding on planed and profiled surfaces. Digital readouts on all axes allow for convenient and accurate adjustments to be made to the spindle. A user-friendly controller makes the machine easier to operate. 

-  Feed speeds of up to 36mpm (120 fpm)

-  A high speed HSK80F spindle is also available upon request

-  Standard programmable REC auto setworks controllers provide quick and convenient setup for near side head(s) and top head(s)

-  Easy adjustment of each spindle using the front of the machine adjustment setup and displayed by LED digital readout

-  Full heavy gauge steel sound insulated safety enclosure serves as a chip guard and helps reduce noise and has strobe free lighting

-  Each spindle is driven by an individual motor for powerful milling and easy control

-  Pneumatic pressure of the feed rollers can be easily set to provide an outstanding feeding effect; 3 sections- each with individual adjustment – ie: infeed, midfeed and outfeed top rolls. Pressure controls and pressure gauges mounted on outside of the enclosure post.

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