Wintersteiger’s DSB Compact 310

Forestry and Sawmill

Wintersteiger’s DSB Compact 310 single-module thin-cutting band saw was developed as an entry-level model for the precise thin-cutting of wood. Adapted exactly to customer requirements, it cuts wooden blocks with a width up to 310 mm and with a kerf starting at 1.1 mm.

A newly-developed conveyor belt feed system which is built on a solid-cast substructure transports wooden blocks at speeds between 1 and 16 m/min, depending on the type of wood and block preparation. At those speeds, the machine achieves a cutting precision of +/- 0.2 mm. In addition, the automatic, continuous cleaning of the conveyor belt ensures a clean transportation surface and thus precision for both dry and wet cutting. The smooth saw blade entry is also a new development: upon entry into the wood, the speed is reduced and subsequently raised back up again. This is smooth on the saw blade. A high-tech carbon pressure guide system ensures exact blade guidance.

The DSB Compact 310 can also be equipped with remote service. That means that the service technician can connect with the machine online. Remotely and in real time, the technician explains to the operator which settings are necessary to implement the desired application.

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